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"I can't stop the light from flaming the curtains white."

28 July 1986
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Hello and Welcome!

This is my icons journal, so if you want to get to know to me personally, I recommend you my personal account pi_ankh

The resourses to my icons have come to me from various places and I try to credit all those whose pictures I've taken if possible, but I'm only a human. So if you notice me using something belonging to you let me know.

I prefer my icons clear and simple, so you won't be finding any 'bling-bling' or text on them. [Other reason is that I'm not compatible with complex programs.] Now I finally got myself a program to use for the icons so I actually might do something more complex... Unless the program beats me...

Take also look at pictured_life, an icon challenge community hosted by fonulyn and I.

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If interested to find more icons, take a look at avaruusvirta hosted by my friends

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